We are a music chapter affiliated with the WA State Music Teachers & the National Music Teachers Association. LCMTA was started in 1978 and our chapter consists of the private music teachers who live in Lewis County. There are a vast number of instruments taught by our local private music teachers: Piano, Violin, Mandolin, Clarinet, Flute, Voice, Percussions, and many more! If you are interested in pursuing music lessons with one of our teachers, please contact them from the information they have left on their bio page or contact us and we will put you in touch with a teacher specializing in the instrument you are interested in learning. Also, we are always encouraging and accepting local music teachers to join our Chapter. We would love to have you!

As a Chapter, we host multiple music events yearly for our students and the community. A few events in the past have been Play-a-thon, Teacher Performances, Music Artistry Program, Music Literacy Program, M.U.S.I.K Extravaganza, etc. As teachers, we have also performed in concerts at the Centralia Collage through orchestra, choir, etc.

Our Chapter is a 501C3, so any donation is tax deductible, and we solely rely on donations from our community.