Information for Parents

Here is where parents of students can find information on certain events.

For more information, please look at the page for that specific event.

Music Artistry Program (Formally Adjudications)

The Music Artistry Program of WSMTA is a self-supporting annual event developed for students to encourage interest in music and to maintain standards of fine musicianship.

LCMTA traditionally holds this event in mid March. Cost varies depending on how many minutes the student requires.

Traditionally, the Sunday afternoon following MAP is the Honor’s and Honorable Mention Recital for students who preformed exceptionally in MAP.

Ribbon Festival (Music Literacy Program)

This noncompetitive program consists of ten progressive levels.  Each level requires proficiency in rhythm and pulse development, sight-playing, technique, written theory, and ear-training.  There is also an options portion to the program for the creative student.  Students may enter any level, and may work on one or all areas of the exam.  Participation is not based on year in school or years of music study.  The test provides a music event evaluating the progressive growth of ALL students – those studying music as a hobby as well as those aspiring to enter the music world professionally.

LCMTA traditionally holds Ribbon Festival the Second Friday of May, 2:30-5:00

The cost is $15 per child. Students can sign up for piano, or violin.