Kay Morton




Contact information:
 360-520- 2440 (also text)
 360-262- 3270
 Email: musicmakerkay@q.com



I have been teaching for over 40 years. My first priority is to share and instill a love of music, not everyone will be a professional musician in the future but everyone can learn to love music and enjoy it. I teach every age from 5 through 90! and use a structured learning system for the first few years with additional music that is geared to the student’s personal interests.
Lessons are scheduled weekly (Monday through Thursday) with the fourth week lesson being a group lesson with 4-6 students . We do theory drills (games!), play for each other and, in general, have fun making music together.
There are two studio recitals each year: December (Christmas) and June
Other opportunities for students include:
Performing in the annual LCMTA Play-A- Thon
Young Artist Master Series lessons
The WSMTA Music Artistry Program (formerly adjudications)
Honors Recitals
Music Literacy Program (Ribbon Festival)