Karen Brown

Karen Brown 2

I started teaching piano in 1997. I enjoy seeing students progress from beginning stages to being able to play more advances music. I encourage my students to realize there is a
difference in “playing the piano” and making music. My goal is for each student to make music.

Instruments Taught: Piano
Teaching Level: Beginner – Late Intermediate
Ages: 2 nd Grade through Adult
Teaching Year: September through Mid-June with Christmas Break
Summer Lessons: Possible with some students and adjusted schedule

Studio Location: Centralia
Home Telephone: 360-736- 0128
Address: 2245B Salzer Valley Road, Centralia

Lesson Length: 30 minutes for beginning students, advancing to 45 minutes to one hour
Student Requirements: Students must practice from 30 minutes for beginners to one hour for advanced students.
Teaching Materials: Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber; Additional materials
related to the students ability and interests
Recitals: There is a Christmas and a Spring Recital. Students are also encouraged to participate in Lewis County Music Teachers Association activities.