Kelvy Brown

Teaching goals:

My goal is to instill in my students the love of music, while teaching them to be well rounded musicians, learning by ear as well as by notes and having a clear understanding of practical, applicable theory. The purpose of music for me is to praise God, bless others, and have fun.

Teaching Ages: I teach students of all ages, beginning from small children up to Seniors.


I have obtained an associate degree in music theory at Centralia College.


Studies/experience: I’ve had 12 years of studying piano. This includes Adjudications, receiving honors and honorable mention multiple times, and Lewis County Playoffs, receiving unranked honorable mention. I have 6 years experience teaching piano.


Studies/experience: I’ve been playing the violin/fiddle for 10 years. I began by taking lessons under Mrs. Mudge and was classically trained until I was about 15. Then I began lessons with Katie Cummins and became a fiddler by furthering my education at camps like North West Strings Camp and Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association where I took classes under Katrina Nicolayeff. Five years ago my siblings and I started a family band. We are known as the Salzer Creek Band and have played at fairs, festivals, birthday and graduation parties, a wedding, funerals, and many other concerts and events. I have been teaching fiddle for 5 years. This includes teaching a group of 13 kids at the P.A.T.H. homeschool group.


Studies/ experience: I’ve been playing the Mandolin for 4 years. I’m mostly self taught apart from classes I’ve taken from Brian Oberlin and Mark Sircelly at the WOTFA workshop. It is my primary instrument in the band.