Rosetta Patterson

“Praise ye the LORD…praise him with stringed instruments…” Psalm 150:1,4

Teaching piano to me is more than a job — it’s a passion combined with my love of music and children! Because of this, teaching piano was a perfect fit when, at the age of fifteen, I began teaching my first two students. Since then, not only has my studio grown but my love and joy found investing in the lives of my students has continued to increase.

As a teacher, my desire is to guide my students to excellence, helping them reach their goals. Whether this includes seeking a professional career in music or merely learning for their own enjoyment, I purpose to help them become well-rounded musicians through counting, theory, technique, sight playing, varied repertoire, performance, and much more!

My background in music consists of beginning piano at the age eight and, thereafter, participating in multiple recitals, Music Artistry Programs, competitions, accompaniment opportunities, church playing, etc. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in music while teaching private piano lessons at my studio as well as teaching group piano lessons at the School of the Arts and taking private lessons from several college professors.

I continue to engage in numerous musical opportunities and increase my piano skills as I use my music to glorify my Saviour! I can be reached at or (360) 388-0438.